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Open Tuesday-Saturday by appointment.

Do you have a pain disorder or a specific concern you would like to address? Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your goals.

Wondering if Therapeutic Bodywork and/or Functional Nutrition Counseling is right for you? Have questions about what I do or how I might be able to help? Schedule a free discovery call to find out!

My goal is to help women (and men) transform their lives by improving their health and wellness through therapeutic bodywork, functional nutrition counseling, and education in my online or in my residential-based studio.

Through Therapeutic Bodywork, I can help you increase your wellness by restoring range of motion and help you achieve pain-free movement. Whether you are experiencing neck and shoulder pain from working at a computer all day, hip and lower back pain from toting that toddler, you are (or want to be) an athlete in need of recovery assistance and/or injury prevention, or you are noticing more aches and pains as you age, I can help. From the twinge in your foot to the chronic headaches, we will look for the why in order to properly address the what.

Functional Nutrition Counseling focuses on addressing specific concerns by improving the overall function of the body using food as medicine. From discussing food choices and lifestyle to blood work analysis and HTMA, we will partner together to create an individualized action plan to address your wellness concerns from the roots up.

Customized Therapeutic Bodywork

Our customized therapeutic sessions are designed to break neuromuscular holding patterns to help restore proper function and increase overall wellness by incorporating techniques such as: Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, PNF, Scar Tissue Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Heat Therapy, Cupping, and Aromatherapy.

Holistic Wellness

We believe in a holistic and functional approach to health and wellness. We believe that by providing a better understanding of your body, through functional bodywork, nutrition counseling, and education, you can restore balance to your body even if you experience complex chronic pain conditions or autoimmune dysfunction such as fibromyalgia, connective tissue disorders, or other “silent” illnesses.

Functional Nutrition Counseling

Our functional nutrition services involve a wide range of approaches to identify and address root-cause health issues. Single service or multi-session plans for nutrition counseling can utilize blood chemistry analysis, hair/tissue mineral testing, as well as discussing food choices, supplements, stress-load, exercise, and support in order to create an individualized action plan to take control of your health.

We use and recommend organic and plant-based products from our laundry soap and cleaning products to the massage creams and oils.

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