What is HTMA?

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis uses a hair sample to provide information about the body’s use of minerals, stress load, and presence of toxins such as heavy metals.  Unlike blood work which tells us what is happening at the moment of the draw within the blood, HTMA gives us a broader picture.  HTMA allows us to see how the tissues have been using minerals and releasing toxins for the past 2-3 months giving us patterns that allow us to analyze oxidation rates, stress load, and give us insight into the support that the body needs to function better.

To be honest, I was blown away at what the HTMA results revealed for me.  It confirmed some patterns I had suspected, but hadn’t been able to verify, and it even confirmed that the pattern of eating that I lean towards intuitively is optimal for my oxidation type.  I am absolutely certain that this test will provide valuable insights into your health too.  HTMA can give us a good foundation for next steps in your health journey, or the starting point in transforming your health.

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